Ajay Bohra

Ajay Bohra is an entrepreneur and a financial expert who guides people in their personal finance, investments and real estate. Ajay is passionate about showing people how to make money work for them.He guides them in the right direction to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and other avenues.
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Best broker for commodity trading in India

When you trade commodities, you buy and sell different raw materials, or…

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Indmoney Vs Zerodha Charges

Indmoney vs Zerodha charges, which offers more value? Online trading platforms have…

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Indmoney vs Vested: which is better for US stocks with Charges

Are you ready to explore the world of US stocks and discover…

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Best Demat Account for College Students in India

Need to start trading in the stock market but are in college?…

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Zet app referral code ‘thinkwise’

Zet app referral code The 'thinkwise' code is the Zet app referral…

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Teji Mandi referral code is ‘0AeznYXQ’

Teji Mandi is a new online platform that helps people invest in…

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