Ajay Bohra

Ajay Bohra is an entrepreneur and a financial expert who guides people in their personal finance, investments and real estate. Ajay is passionate about showing people how to make money work for them.He guides them in the right direction to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and other avenues.
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Price Elasticity

The term "price elasticity" describes the relationship between demand and the cost…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Pairs Trade

The stocks of many different companies have a tendency to react in…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Operating lease

In the case of an operating lease, the lessor retains ownership of…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Paytm referral code for new user: paytmupi18

When you sign up for the Paytm referral code for new users,…

By Ajay Bohra 5 Min Read

MCLR Rates

The marginal cost of funds-based lending rate, often known as the MCLR,…

By Ajay Bohra 0 Min Read


With an overdraft option, you are able to withdraw more money from…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read