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Featured posts consist of comprehensive articles covering Investments, Insurance, Concept, Ideas, etc., used in the Financial world.

The Miracle ‘Power of Compounding’ in Investments

By Arup 2 Min Read

Compound interest vs Simple Interest You put in Rs 100. Let's imagine the annual returns are ten percent. So, at the end of a year,…

Understanding what is the circle of competence?

By Arup 6 Min Read

Anything that falls within your skill set, knowledge, or experience is considered to be within your Circle of competence. Amazon is really good at one…

Rational thinking in Investing

By Arup 3 Min Read

Every single one of us is a sensitive individual. Emotions and investing, unfortunately, do not blend in today's world. Worse, pessimistic feelings have a much…

Which broker is better than Zerodha?

By Arup 9 Min Read

Picking the right broker is very important because it will help you find your way in this huge and changing market. Even though Zerodha is…

Zet app referral code ‘thinkwise’

By Ajay Bohra 5 Min Read

Zet app referral code The 'thinkwise' code is the Zet app referral code (previously One code). You may start the process of creating your account…


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