Which one is a Good Investment for You

Which is a Good Investment for You?

A good investment for you could turn to be a bad one and vice versa

Mercedes vs …?

What came to your mind?


Mercedes vs BMW.

The rivalry between Mercedes and BMW is easily one of the top ten business rivalries.

Both of them have a car to run in the most competitive segments.

Unimog is a car made by Mercedes.

It is not available in India. However, it is available in many parts of Europe.

It began its life as a farm vehicle about 70 years ago. It’s like a tractor. It’s a mini truck.

It’s tough to think of a vehicle that hasn’t been used for anything.

It’s been nicknamed the “Swiss Army Knife” of the car industry.

The Unimog is a great off-road vehicle. All while lifting a heavy load, it can wade through deep water, climb mountain slopes, operate in the hot Sahara desert, or operate north of the Arctic circle.

It’s been a tractor, fire engine, ambulance, mobile home, army truck, tree trimmer, snow removal machine, and even a train engine!

That isn’t the end of it.

Mercedes manufacturers trucks, coaches, and vans as well.

However, the majority of us consider them to be luxurious lifestyle cars.

BMW is a luxury lifestyle vehicle manufacturer as well.

They manufacture both motorcycles and automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz sold nearly 2.5 million cars worldwide in 2019.

BMW followed suit in a similar way.

Mercedes has stayed away from motorcycles for whatever reason. BMW hasn’t even tried trucks or buses.

Nescafe has never tried to produce beer. Coffee is not sold at Kingfisher.

Tractors are not manufactured by Tata. Buses are not manufactured by Maruti.

McDonald’s isn’t making a huge drive for pizza. Domino’s does not plan to make burgers.

Both of these competing businesses are fighting for the same set of individuals.

How difficult will it be for Domino’s to try making burgers or McDonald’s to try making pizzas? It’s not an easy mission. They could possibly do it if they wanted to.

They don’t, though.

Perhaps starting anything new will require too much time and effort.

And focus also involves saying no to other things.

Some of the other stuff you said no to could still turn out to be good.

You don’t have to own each stock that makes the weekly top gainers list.

You can save yourself the hassle of having to invest in any good investments like stock, mutual fund, real estate offer, or wherever you’re investing if you have one or a few great investments that you know and understand.

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