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Mutual Funds consists of comprehensive articles on Funds suggestions, comparisons, recommendations, etc., based on the present conditions

Types of Debt funds & Hybrid mutual funds

Types of Debt funds & Hybrid mutual funds

Debt mutual funds invest in fixed income securities like bonds while hybrid mutual funds invest in both equity and debt securities Different types of Debt mutual funds are Liquid funds These funds invest in low-risk safe debt instruments. They give very low returns but are considered extremely safe. Many people use liquid funds to store …

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What are Corporate Bond Funds?

What are Corporate Bond Funds?

Corporate bond funds invest at least 80% of their overall assets in corporate bonds with the highest credit ratings. Debt securities issued by public or private entities are known as corporate bonds. Bonds issued by financially stable businesses with a good chance of repaying their lenders on time are granted high ratings.

What is an Emerging Market?

What is an Emerging Market?

The word “emerging market” is often used to describe an economy or country that is rapidly evolving but not yet developed. Emerging markets include countries such as India, Brazil, Vietnam, and others. Since emerging markets are rising at a faster rate than developed countries, foreign investors expect higher returns. Indian investors who invest in India …

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Asset Allocation

What is Asset Allocation?

When it comes to investing, asset allocation relates to how capital is spread among various assets. Let’s assume you can invest in a variety of assets: shares, mutual funds, gold, bonds etc. The way you spread your overall investment across various assets is referred to as asset allocation. Many fund managers think the distribution of assets …

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Scheme Information Document (SID)

What is Scheme Information Document (SID)

The Scheme Information Document (SID) is one of the documents prepared for each mutual fund scheme launched by a mutual fund company. An SID includes essential information such as charges, underlying assets (equity, debt, etc.), minimum investment requirements, specifics of SIP, exit load, benchmark, managers of funds, and more. It is recommended that the SID …

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