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Terminology explains all the terms used in the financial world in a simple language such as Investments, Insurance, Concept, Ideas and new words

Types of Debt funds & Hybrid mutual funds

By Arup 2 Min Read

Debt mutual funds invest in fixed income securities like bonds while hybrid mutual funds invest in both equity and debt securities Different types of Debt…

Different types of Equity funds

By Arup 8 Min Read

A mutual fund scheme that invests primarily in company shares or stocks is known as an equity fund. Growth funds are another name for them.…

What is a Stock Exchange?

By Arup 1 Min Read

A stock exchange is a place where investors can purchase publicly traded companies' shares or sell them. It's comparable to a shopping mall for stock. From one…

Understanding what is the circle of competence?

By Arup 6 Min Read

Anything that falls within your skill set, knowledge, or experience is considered to be within your Circle of competence. Amazon is really good at one…

Risk-Adjusted Returns

By Arup 1 Min Read

Risk-adjusted returns are a way of calculating the returns that you get as opposed to the risk that you take. In finance, it is widely…


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What is the Alpha & Beta of a stock?

Alpha of the stock After correcting for market-related volatility and random variations, alpha is the…

By Arup 1 Min Read

What are Preference Shares?

Preference shares, also known as preferred stocks, are stock issued by a company that pays…

By Arup 1 Min Read

What does Seigniorage mean?

The gap between the face value of money and the cost of producing it is…

By Arup 1 Min Read

MCLR Rates

The marginal cost of funds-based lending rate, often known as the MCLR, is the minimum…

By Ajay Bohra 0 Min Read


With an overdraft option, you are able to withdraw more money from your bank account…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Share Premium Account

Share premium is the phrase used when shares are issued at a price higher than…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read