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Ajay Bohra is an entrepreneur and a financial expert who guides people in their personal finance, investments and real estate. Ajay is passionate about showing people how to make money work for them.He guides them in the right direction to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and other avenues.
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Groww vs Upstox charges & review

The two companies, Groww and Upstox, are both online discount brokers that…

By Ajay Bohra 21 Min Read

Upstox account opening: benefits, charges & offers

Upstox is a popular online brokerage firm in India that provides a…

By Ajay Bohra 6 Min Read

Trinkerr Review- India’s first social trading platform

What is Trinkerr Trinkerr is India's first social trading platform that allows…

By Ajay Bohra 7 Min Read

Bank sathi referral code is ‘84530593’

Today we are gong to do Bank sathi app review. Use Bank…

By Ajay Bohra 12 Min Read

What is Gini Coefficient or Gini index

The Gini coefficient, often known as the Gini index, is a statistic…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

What is the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)?

The Multi Commodities Exchange of India (MCXI) is a government-owned commodity exchange…

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read