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What is a Stock Exchange?

By ltw 1 Min Read

A stock exchange is a place where investors can purchase publicly traded companies' shares or sell them. It's comparable to a shopping mall for stock. From one

Understanding what is the circle of competence?

By ltw 6 Min Read

Anything that falls within your skill set, knowledge, or experience is considered to be within your Circle of competence. Amazon is really good at one

What is Insider Trading?

By ltw 0 Min Read

Insider trading is the act of buying and selling securities in companies where an individual has access to information that is not publicly accessible. In

What is XIRR?

By ltw 10 Min Read

Extended Internal Rate of Return (XIRR) It's a tool for calculating investment returns when there are many transactions occurring at various times. Multiple transactions may

What is Redemption?

By ltw 0 Min Read

The method of redeeming your mutual fund investment is known as redemption. Your mutual fund units are sold back to the fund. Redemption is a


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What is Gini Coefficient or Gini index

The Gini coefficient, often known as the Gini index, is a statistic that measures the

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

What is the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)?

The Multi Commodities Exchange of India (MCXI) is a government-owned commodity exchange in India. It

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Price Elasticity

The term "price elasticity" describes the relationship between demand and the cost of a product

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Unlimited Company

The proprietors of an unlimited corporation may be held entirely accountable for the company's debt.

By ltw 1 Min Read

Pairs Trade

The stocks of many different companies have a tendency to react in the same way

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read

Operating lease

In the case of an operating lease, the lessor retains ownership of the items rented

By Ajay Bohra 1 Min Read