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Types of Debt funds & Hybrid mutual funds

By Arup 2 Min Read

Debt mutual funds invest in fixed income securities like bonds while hybrid mutual funds invest in both equity and debt securities Different types of Debt…

Different types of Equity funds

By Arup 8 Min Read

A mutual fund scheme that invests primarily in company shares or stocks is known as an equity fund. Growth funds are another name for them.…

What is a Stock Exchange?

By Arup 1 Min Read

A stock exchange is a place where investors can purchase publicly traded companies' shares or sell them. It's comparable to a shopping mall for stock. From one…

Understanding what is the circle of competence?

By Arup 6 Min Read

Anything that falls within your skill set, knowledge, or experience is considered to be within your Circle of competence. Amazon is really good at one…

What is Coffee Can Investing?

By Arup 1 Min Read

The intention behind coffee can investing is to invest in good assets and then not make any adjustments. People who follow this style of investment tend…


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What is Depreciation?

Depreciation refers to the decline in the value of something. Many properties, such as your…

By Arup 0 Min Read

What is Scheme Information Document (SID)

The Scheme Information Document (SID) is one of the documents prepared for each mutual fund…

By Arup 1 Min Read

What Net Worth means?

As a metric to calculate how rich an individual is, net worth is widely stated.…

By Arup 7 Min Read